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Fabric webs turn into duvet covers or pillow cases ready for sale. A decisive step. The modular manufacturing lines of the series SCHMALEDURATE 653 take over the complete  manufacturing process for you. Fully automatic, reliable and very versatile.

The latest generation with its new modular machine concept has constantly been finetuned and extended ever since its introduction to the market. The application of the most innovative technology allows for a perfect symbiosis of top quality and highest performance values.


Offering a great range of different options for all requirements and products, the SCHMALEDURATE 653 is first choice for the manufacture of a great variety of bed linen articles. For duvet covers and pillow cases with bag closings, hotel closings or button / buttonhole closings. All in the finest quality.


Full flexibility for your success.

Version „length from width“ from two layers
Process: Fabric presentation from two rolls or stacks, longitudinal hemming of both layers, merging of the layers, head seam, cross cutting, double-sided closing, stacking of ready-made duvet covers.

Version „length from length“
Process: Fabric presentation from roll or from stack, cross cutting, double-sided cross hemming, folding duvet cover (folding axis in weft direction), double-sided closing, stacking of ready-made duvet covers.

Choose the suitable variant – depending on therequested method of manufacturing duvet covers.

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