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Fabric presentation from roll or from stack, longitudinal hemming, cross cutting, insertion of labels, cross hemming and stacking. The SCHMALEDURATE 650 takes over the complete flat sheet manufacturing process for you. Fully automatic, reliable and very versatile.


The application of the most innovative technology allows for a perfect symbiosis of top quality and highest performance values. From simple bottom sheets to high-end top sheets with fancy hem styles. From children’s beds to king-size beds.


Full flexibility for your success.

The latest generation with its new modular machine concept has constantly been finetuned and extended ever since its introduction to the market. Offering a great range of different options for all requirements and products, the SCHMALEDURATE 650 is first choice for the manufacture of a great variety of bed linen articles. Besides flat sheets the installation can even be equipped for the pre-fabrication of e.g. pillow cases or duvet covers. The various processing stations can be arranged according to your specific requirements.

Various additional extension modules allow for high performant integration of further production steps such as bartacking corners, card attachment or online connection to the folding installation SCHMALEDURATE 143.

Select from the various equipment options and adjust the SCHMALEDURATE 650 to your needs.

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