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SCHMALEDURATE - reliable for over 85 years

The beginnings:

The family business Schmale was established in 1936. The company initially traded in sewing machines in Germany's traditional textile region of the Münsterland.

The first developments of our own:

Shortly after starting up as a trade company, Schmale began to modify the commercially available sewing machines in order to meet the growing requirements for commercial applications. These various conversions and expansions quickly caught on in the market and Schmale consequently also became a licenser for the prestigious sewing machine manufacturer Union Special, amongst others.

Breakthrough as a specialist for the textile manufacturing industry:

The start signal for the automation of home textile manufacturing, which had been characterized by manual work until then, soon followed with the development of the very first longitudinal hemming machine – the legendary A1. Based on this original model, further production stages such as, for example, longitudinal slitting were automated over the years one by one. In parallel, the distribution spread further and further beyond Germany's borders, first into Europe and then all around the globe.

Developing into a high-tech company:

The greatest leaps forward in automation were achieved in the 1980s by the growing performance capacities of microelectronics. Ever more complex processes could now be automated. More and more sub-processes were integrated in one installation. Meanwhile the company, now managed by Carl Schmale junior, developed at the same breakneck speed as the technology. The machine range was augmented by numerous fully and semi-automatic machines and soon encompassed the entire manufacturing process.

Maturing into a total solution provider:

Starting in the 1990s, the development focus shifted to fully automated, computer-controlled appliances whose productivity was continually enhanced. Once folding machines had also been integrated, the product range encompassed the entire manufacturing process. Schmale has begun the new millennium with the successful completion of a particularly ambitious project: the development of a complete range of fully automated production lines for bed linen manufacturers. Ever since the successful market introduction of these installations, SCHMALEDURATE truly offers total solutions for all types of home textiles, all from one source.

But one aspect has never changed in the company's 85-year history: top quality always has been and still remains our top priority. Then, as now, the design of all our installations is therefore aimed at ensuring outstanding reliability.

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