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SQUARING THE CIRCLE for your success.

Cutting, sewing and folding to perfection at highest performance. That is what textile manufacturing is all about for us, that is exactly what we constantly strive for.

All textile manufacturing processes are based on the three fundamental tasks of cutting, sewing and folding. Especially in the case of hemming, as the most sophisticated sub-process, the edges are first cleanly trimmed and then the hem is formed by controlled folding before finally being sewn.

Decades of experience and the enduring pursue of the best possible solution add to Schmale‘s unique and industry-leading capabilities in developing key technologies for mastering these tasks.

As a pioneer in the automation of production processes in the home textile industry we can look back on decades of continuous development activity. We are now applying our specialized know-how for more than 85 years since the founding of the company. SCHMALEDURATE machines offer industry leading performance and quality. Built for your success.

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