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Alignment of the fabric webs, cross cutting, fitting with labels, hemming and sewing at breathtaking speed. The SCHMALEDURATE 670 takes over the complete cross processing procedure for you. Reliable and fully-automatic.

For terry fabric, table linen, dishtowels, napkins and much more.

All in the finest quality.


A PERFECT SYMBIOSIS of highest quality and maximum performance

The SCHMALEDURATE 670 has become the reference in automatic cross cutting and cross hemming world-wide. The application of the most innovative technology allows for a perfect symbiosis of top quality and highest performance values.


The newest generation with it’s proven modular machine concept has constantly been finetuned and extended ever since its introduction to the market. Offering a great range of different options for all requirements and products, the SCHMALEDURATE 670 is first choice for production of terry towels, kitchen towels, table cloth, napkins and many more.

Various extension modules allow for high performant integration of further production steps such as bartacking, card attachment or even wash glove manufacturing. Full flexibility for your success.


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