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LONGITUDINAL HEMMING INSTALLATION for home textiles in highest quality

Centering of the fabric web, trimming of the edges, forming of the hem, sewing and plaiting down. The SCHMALEDURATE 510 takes over the complete longitudinal processing procedure for you. Rapid and reliable.


For terry fabric, table linen, dishtowels, napkins and much more. All in the finest quality.


SCHMALEDURATE 510 - the original

The first automatic longitudinal hemming machine had already been developed by Schmale in the ‘50s. At that time a revolutionary idea and the origin of automatic home textile manufacturing – today globally one of the most established machines in the industry. The latest version is the result of almost seven decades of continuous development since the first production model. Thus, it is not without reason that the SCHMALEDURATE 510 still sets the standards for both performance and quality in the 21st century.


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